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April 12

Melissa Cummings


Melissa Cummings has enjoyed a dynamic life filled with what we all have in common; goals created, obstacles to overcome, and skills polished with these triumphs in hand. With this pattern in mind, she created the “Blueprint:32” and “Blueprint:Home” systems to bridge the gap between client property goals to their present reality. In 2021 she created the Melissa Cummings Group (MCG)  to address the expanding client wait list and to collaborate with like minded agents for the creation of out of the box solutions and modalities.. 

The MCG has become a source of joy and aligned purpose for Melissa. It has become clear to her that a career in real estate is an opportunity to align with the blueprint her clients have created for their lives. The home sale process is an all important beginning point to the next chapter. 

Finding a sense of HOME can bring a feeling of excitement, comfort, and alignment when presented at the right time. The moment the dream home manifests into reality is the moment they show up brighter in their lives than ever before. 

This alignment becomes evident to friends and family, who then recognize the potential to connect to their own blueprint in life.  They have the opportunity to  find the light in themselves when their own dream or goal is sought after and achieved.

This is the ripple effect that the team is incredibly honored to take part in and to bear witness to. 

The Melissa Cummings Group agents have collaborated with clients throughout California. The blueprint of the MCG is to expand with the growth and expansion of its clients interests in specific geographic locations. The Orange County team specializes in luxury homes and investment properties in our client portfolio from Huntington Beach down to San Clemente, inland to Corona and Rancho Cucamonga. The Westlake Village team advises on properties from Santa Monica and Calabasas up to Camarillo and inland to Santa Clarita. Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Palm Desert can be accommodated on a case by case basis. 

For Your Consideration:

The initial drive to consider a career change out of nursing to residential real estate started when Melissa worked in a neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital in Oakland, California. She witnessed the heartwrenching experience some of her patients’ families went through when having to leave their newborns at the hospital; some  having to drive over two hours and others not being able to come back for a month at a time due to distance. When she had her own children and decided to move out of the nursing career, these experiences guided her into a path where she could potentially help out similar families by locating homes near hospitals for parents to stay in while their babies are being hospitalized. This calling was strong enough for Melissa to make the jump into real estate, and she has continued ever since. Her long term goal is to create a foundation to do just that; locate homes for new parents to stay in while their infants are healing in local NICU’s. If you are interested in joining forces to create a foundation around this idea, please contact Melissa to discuss. 


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